COY Landscaping & Maintenance, Inc.



Exterior Maintenance

As Arizona's leading landscape maintenance firm, we are able to deliver the highest quality service to a variety of different properties. Be it a resort, home owners association or apartment complex, our dedicated and trained staff has exactly what it takes to deliver the superior results you and your clients expect. With over 30 years of service to the Arizona landscape market, we'll help to ensure your property stands above the rest.

Seasonal Color

Curb appeal makes the difference in today's competitive market place. Colorful flowers help to create an inviting and dramatic entrance on your property. Our color specialists will make your landscape shine whether it's for your employees, guests, tenants or residents.

Water Management

As any Arizona resident knows water is a valuable and costly part of our life. Today water management has become not just important but also a necessity in our desert way of living. From drought-tolerant plants to auditing your irrigation system, Coy Landscaping has taken its 31 years in Arizona and turned it into a powerful tool for your property.


Landscapes are constantly changing and our Enhancement know exactly how to keep your landscaping hip and up to date. Whether it's about going green, keeping costs down or edging above the competition our designers will keep you ahead of the curve and your competition!